Energy Tax Credit/Rebates

YMGI DC Inverter air conditioning and heat pump systems are designed to meet high efficiency and outstanding quality.  Some specific models are qualified for certain Federal Tax Credit Programs, and/or State Tax Credit Rebate Programs.

To verify that you have purchased a qualified system you can check with Energy-Star or your state web site for specific model numbers.  We recommend checking back periodically as new systems are continuously being designed and added to the qualifying list.

You can also check with your local distributor or sales department for the Manufacturers Statement, in order to file your credit application that may be required by the government or local authorities when filing for the rebates or tax credits.

The YMGI Group makes it priority one to design the most highly efficient products in order to save energy.  Our research and development team continuously look for product designs that benefit the environment and all that live in it!  Out state of the art technology partnered with our high quality components allows us to better serve our past, present and future customers.