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DC Inverter Single Zone
(56) Series: Up to 32SEER Solar PV Mini Split 
(57) Series: 16 SEER 09-24K Btu/h
(58) Series: Up to 22 SEER 09-36K Btu/h
DC Inverter Multiple Zone
(59) Series: 16SEER 2-5 Zones 2x09 to 5x12K Btu/h
(59) Series: 16SEER 6-9 Zones up to 9x12K Btu/h

VRF Modular
(55) Series-VRF Heat Pump Hyper Heating -22F @80% 3,4-Ton
(55) Series-VRF Heat Recovery 6,8,10-Ton

Single 09-24K Btu/h
Dual 2x30K Btu/h Simultaneous Cooling & Heating -5F Cooling

PTAC/PTHP 42x16"
09/12/15K 208-230/1/60 B Models & 265-277V D Models

Successful Applications in Homes, Sunrooms, Added
Enclosures, Gyms, Restaurants,
Retail Stores, Doctor
Clinics,  Offices, Hotel Rooms, Lobby, Breakfast Rooms,
Indoor Pool Rooms, Computer Rooms, Mechanical Rooms, Indoor rowing Rooms, Grocery Stores...