Freight Receiving, Damage, Return & Replacement Policies


  • Freight (package/unit) shall be checked thoroughly for damage at receiving before accepting by signing on the carrier's delivery paperwork.

  • Upon shipment being signed for acceptance, it becomes a binding document as to the condition of the products on delivery. We cannot process any shipping damage claim, if you accept the delivery.

  • If damage is found at delivery, both you and the delivery driver must make notes on BOL or other freight paperwork detailing the found damage by marking position/parts on unit, description of damage, time/date, your name, contact phone, etc. on the delivery documents. Make a copy of the marked BOL.

  • If the damage is minor or partial, you may accept the delivery and contact the distributor or YMGI to request replacement of the damaged part.

  • If refusal of the shipment is needed due to severe freight damage, DO NOT sign the delivery carrier's BOL document indicating that you accept the delivery.

  • Take pictures showing the damage, before the delivery driver leaves.

  • By accepting delivery or failing to note damage on the driver’s BOL, the ability to claim freight damage lessens and YMGI may not replace the unit on this basis.

  • Contact the distributor or YMGI, report the damage by forwarding the marked BOL copy and pictures.

  • YMGI will replace the products, after receiving and verifying the damage of the returned products.

  • If the returned products are found not damaged, YMGI will treat it as a return and will charge you 25% of product value plus added shipping cost.


    All sales are final. If the customer wishes to return a product, the following Return Policies apply.

    Only those units, parts or accessories are eligible for return, under the following conditions:

  • Parts are returned within 30 days of their original shipment date from YMGI

  • Original boxes have not been opened and the contents have not been installed.

  • No damage exists on the unit, part, or component being returned.

  • No missing parts or accessories.

  • Items and package are clean.

  • Items are still in original package, in good shape and in re-sellable condition, as YMGI determines.

  • No duct tape or marking on the product or box.

    Before packing and shipping:

  • Report to your distributor or YMGI to a request a return.

  • Photograph the product and box to show details.

  • YMGI will review the request, along with the pictures and any other details pertaining to your request.

  • If YMGI agrees to process your return request, we will forward a form called Return Goods Authorization (RGA), along with assigned RGA # to your distributor or you.

  • Any return without RGA or YMGI Group approved RGA #, will not be accepted.

    Prior to packing and shipping products, check and verify the following by emailing pictures to YMGI:

  • No unit or part(s) are missing.

  • No damage is found.

  • The products are in the original packaging.

  • No duct tape on any product or box.

  • Pictures have been taken verifying the product and boxes are not damaged.

  • The RGA has been completed and a copy has been returned to YMGI, via email or fax.

  • YMGI has approved the request.

    Shipping preparation:

  • Package all products in a manner in which no damage can occur to the product and secure to a pallet.

  • YMGI reserves the right to approve or deny any shipments.

  • YMGI can arrange shipping for you, but not at YMGI’s cost. If this option is chosen, a packing list and BOL will be issued to you through YMGI.

  • If the above option is not chosen, you will be responsible for all freight charges. YMGI will not accept any returned items COD.

  • Place the package in an area which is accessible to the shipping company for pickup and limits the possibility of damage to the product.

  • Forward pictures of packed pallets to YMGI, verifying proper packaging and no existing damage.

    After shipping:

    Fax the BOL to YMGI Group at 1-866-377-3355 detailing the information of the freight company and their tracking number.

    Upon the unit’s arrival at YMGI Group-designated return location:

  • YMGI Group will inspect returned items.

  • Freight damage from a customer hired carrier will be the responsibility of the customer. The customer will file a claim with the shipper for restitution for damaged items. YMGI will refuse shipment.

  • Freight damage from an YMGI hired carrier will be the responsibility of YMGI. YMGI will file a claim with the shipper for restitution for damaged items, YMGI will accept the shipment. Your return will be processed at the conclusion of the claim.

  • A restocking charge of 25% creditable invoice value, and return shipping fees, if applicable, are to be charged to the customer.

  • Additional fees will be charged, if parts or accessories are found to be damaged or missing.

  • Any items found to be damaged, used, or missing, will be charged against the return value of the unit and will be deducted accordingly from the authorized % credit shown in the YMGI-approved RGA.

  • YMGI will notify the distributor or customer of their findings concerning the return.


  • Product(s)/Part(s)/Accessories must be shipped within 7 days of receipt of RGA #.

  • All RGA shipping shall be prepaid by the customer. YMGI will not accept any COD freight.


    YMGI Group will NOT accept any return, or may not honor 100% credit for any return of Product(s)/Part(s)/Accessories, in any of the following cases:

  • Return requests made 30 or more days after the date of shipment from YMGI Group warehouse.

  • Return shipment is initiated 8 days or more after the RGA is approved.

  • Returned goods received not displaying an YMGI-approved valid RGA #.

  • Returned goods received C.O.D.

  • Returned goods not received in the original packaging.

  • Returned goods received with non-repairable packaging, including duct tape or marks on units or carton boxes.

  • Returned goods received with missing units/parts/accessories.

  • Returned goods received, are found to be non-functional or damaged.


  • YMGI Group will not be responsible for any losses of returned product(s)/part(s)/accessories in transition to YMGI Group warehouse.

  • YMGI Group RGA is valid for seven (7) days from the original issuing date. Returns will not be accepted, if shipping is made 8 or more days after the YMGI Group RGA is issued.

  • YMGI Group will process your return in the order we receive such requests. Returns may take up to fourteen (14) business days to process.



    Out of thousands of units sold every year, there may be an occasional instance your product does not operate properly. Many of the reasons for failure include:
    manufacturing (30%), installation (50%), operation and maintenance (10%), knowledge of operator (10%).

    Equipment failure can result from any one of these factors, individually or in combination.

    Equipment failure does not automatically denote a product defect from the factory assembly line. The defects can be caused, during production, transportation, installation, operation, maintenance, or service. Defects may NOT be the responsibility of the manufacturer. Nobody willfully or intentionally produces a defective product. No determination shall be made until the technical issue(s) to cause the defect(s) are identified or found.

    The defects might be found before/ during installation or in the operation of the unit. Defects can be in form of blown fuse(s), defective control board(s), damaged remote controller, loose or missing screws, etc. These defective parts can be replaced easily.


    Some functions of our units are different from what are typical in traditional split type air conditioning and heat pump systems and similar systems other manufacturers. These are not defects. Take some time to learn the functions of your unit. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have concerning the functions of your new unit.

    If a defect is found, whether at the original installation, or during normal operation, we will gladly help you following the following steps:

    1. Part repair or replacement after trouble-shooting: This is the most common and generally the easiest and most economical way for all parties, since the problem and all part needs can be accurately and completely identified. This requires your electrician or HVAC technician to call our technical support line, from your job site, then,

  • Our technical support will go through several steps, over the phone or through email, with your electrician or HVAC technician, in order to help identify and resolve the problems. Normally wiring correction, connection correction, part repair/ replacement will resolve the problems.

  • Your contractor technicians will then need to verify and confirm the problem(s) before we ship out the replacement part(s). Inaccurate or incomplete problem finding or part replacement will delay the repair.

    Your contractor/technician is the best person to work with our technical support to physically check, trouble-shoot and replace any defective part for your units. Our factory technical support is just a help. This saves time and trouble for all parties and your unit will be still covered by factory warranty, if all warranty conditions are satisfied.

    YMGI provides no labor warranty on the products. We suggest having this included in your installation agreement. Many contractors will provide a full or partial labor warranty in their agreement.

    2. Unit/part repair at our workshop(s): If the problem is still not resolved after attempts between your technician and our technical support, you can elect to have the unit repaired at our facility. Due to the limitation of our technical support not being at your job site, or your technician’s experience with our product, the problem may not be resolved as quickly as would be desired. To aid in a quicker and more economical solution, remove the units and return them to our facility, as described above in the return policies section of this bulletin. Please make a note describing the problem and communication history, if possible. Our technicians will check the units and find the problem(s), repair the issue(s), and ship the unit back to you. All unit removal and re-installation is done at your cost and must be done by a currently valid licensed HVAC technician.

    3. Unit replacement. Only applies to those defects reported within 30 days of original purchase date and if all necessary warranty paperwork had been received and approved. This option applies only if the above steps cannot resolve the problem(s). Either indoor or outdoor unit replacement is available, based on the actual need, at YMGI’s determination. This option shall be the last resort, due to refrigerant and wiring considerations. All unit removal, re-installation and shipping cost are the responsibility and cost of the customer. YMGI maintains the final authority as to unit replacement.

    Returning Replaced Defective Units/Parts/Accessories After Unit Repair:

  • Repack the replaced unit/ part /accessory. Parts can be boxed for UPS, FedEx or equivalent ground service. Units shall be secured onto the skid on which the replacement was shipped after placing into the carton box/package of the replacement unit.

  • Ship all replaced parts/unit(s), to YMGI-designated locations. YMGI will charge for your missing or damaged parts/unit(s).

  • DIY installation, in part or full, will result in the customer being responsible for all shipping costs involved.

    Standard factory warranty does not cover the cost of materials and labor that are incurred at your site associated with the replacement. There will be no cost for the replacement unit, if YMGI determines the defect is manufacturer related. Replacement will be made with the same model, if available. Alternate units will be treated as a new order.