Technical Support

Contractor Training

  1. YMGI In House Training and Certification
    YMGI can offer in house training to those who would like to become an Accredited YMGI technician. All technicians that receive our in house training at our S. Louis location will receive the benefits of being able to offer their customers the extended warranty at no additional cost. By being able to offer your customer this additional benefit you have the ability to increase your sales and customer satisfaction. In our state of the art facility the YMGI technicians will, in detail, review key HVAC principals that need to be followed when installing an YMGI products. During the in house training not only will the YMGI technicians demonstrate hands-on installation but will also train your technicians the procedures of trouble-shooting and filing all warranty paperwork associated with the installation. Exams will be given and certificates will be made to those who pass.
  2. Webinar Training
    The heating and cooling industry is a very busy one. We understand that the ability to travel can be somewhat difficult and at times impossible. For those that would still like to receive the YMGI training from a distance we now offer Webinar training. A highly skilled YMGI certified technician will conduct all training sessions that will cover all the same material as the in house training, except the hands-on installation. Exams will be given and certificates will be made to those who pass.
  3. YouTube Training Files
    In addition to the In House Certification and online Webinar Training classes we also have self-study You Tube Files. These videos demonstrate key installation points. Each video will be equipment specific so matter what system you are needing information on we will have that video available for your technicians to reference anytime.

Trouble Shooting Guidelines

In the event that a unit needs a technical trouble shooting, we first recommend the technician to know from the customer what the problem is, then have all necessary tools available (multi-meter, gauges, screw drivers, wrenches…) and check incoming power, no cross-piping or cross-wiring, and other electrical and mechanical data of all the pertinent components such as compressors, fan motors, control boards, etc.

If the technician is still not able to identify or not sure about the technical causes of the problem, can call YMGI technical support at 1-866-833-3138, ext 703, directly from the job site, which is important for live measurement and double-checking, over the phone.

Have all serial numbers ready for the YMGI technician (for example, 1132YM-WMMS18CV2B(58)2-20130922001, or the like) and briefly describe the problems to YMGI technician. By going few steps, YMGI will work together with the technician and help resolve the issue as quickly as possible for both you and your customer.


After the service technician has diagnosed with YMGI from the jobsite and it is determined that a part needs to be replaced the following procedures and information will be needed.

  1. Unit serial number (for example, 1159YM-WMMS09EWV2B(59)2-20140918001, or the like)
  2. Part model number (on the bodies of fan motor such YDK-16…, compressor such as PA108…, control board such as CNBD-MIID-109…, etc.)

All parts are fully stocked in the St. Louis location and in most cases will ship same day.

All parts are shipped ground but additional shipping arrangements can be made at the time customer service creates the shipping.