YMGI warrants to the original owner and original location of the YMGI product within the continental USA, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, if installed by a licensed HVAC contractor properly and correctly at its beginning, under the applicable local and state laws, should any part within the stated warranty time frame go defective due to improper manufacturer workmanship or related material or components, YMGI will honor manufacturer warranty and provide a free replacement part only but will not cover any labor in any format or timeframe.

No Matter What Warranty You Have, the Key is to Have the Installation Done Properly and Correctly at the Very Beginning.

Turn All Work to the Experienced Licensed HVAC Technicians: Load Calculation, Sizing and Model Selection, Installation (Service, If Needed-NOTE: some one who can just no say "the unit doesn't work", instead of digging into technical details about its clauses, is an inexperienced or even screw-driver type general pretending to be a good technician)!

Don't Suggest Owners to Buy Units and Hand the Rest to Contractors.

Warranty for YMGI Units Purchased & Fully Installed by YMGI Accredited Contractor-Gold

  1. 10-Year Compressor
  2. 3-year Parts Only (No Labor, Pass Competitive Unit Cost to Customers)
  3. Ground Shipping Only on warranty parts
    Once Installed Properly and Correctly at Very Beginning, YMGI Units will Last Forever, Peace of Mind, Period!

Warranty for YMGI Units Purchased & Fully Installed by YMGI Accredited Contractor-Regular

  1. 7-year Compressor
  2. 2-year Parts Only (No Labor, Pass Competitive Unit Cost to Customers)
  3. Ground Shipping Only on warranty parts
    Once Installed Properly and Correctly at Very Beginning, YMGI Units will Last Forever, Peace of Mind, Period!

Limited Product Warranty Registration Card / Form

All systems that ship from the YMGI warehouse will also include a Limited Product Warranty Registration Card / Form that includes a checklist for the original installation technician. While packing the order an YMGI employee will record all serial numbers on the top copy of this 3 carbon copy Limited Product Warranty Registration Card / Form. This copy sheet is then filed with warranty records here at YMGI under the invoice number starting 118xxxx. The remaining 2 copies (top pink & bottom yellow) will be sent along with the order to the customer. There are approximately 28 technical questions in this checklist that should be completed by the original installing technician during installation. Once completed, the top or pink copy should be sent via registered mail along with a copy of the installing contractor company invoice back to YMGI at POB 1559, O’Fallon, MO 63366 within 7 days of installation. The bottom or yellow copy is yours to keep for your records. If the contractor purchased the products, then the contractor may mail the pick copy to YMGI and keep the yellow copy. A valid warranty filing should bear same filled contents in the carbon copies at both YMGI and the customer.

Download Warranty Registration Form

Warranty Policy (Qualification)

  1. The unit is installed 100% by a currently licensed HVAC technician.
  2. The unit is installed per NEC and local codes.
  3. The unit is installed per YMGI’s installation instructions and within the stated manufacture guidelines.
  4. The unit is fully checked and tested by the original HVAC technician after the installation is completed.
  5. All fields in the technician checklist inside the Limited Product Warranty Registration Card / Form are filled within the manufactures stated installing guidelines
  6. The technician checklist is mailed along with a copy of the installing invoice to the Warranty Department at PO Box 1559, O’Fallon, Mo 63366 within 7 days of the completed installation

If the above policies are followed YMGI will furnish the replacement part without charge including GROUND shipping only. Typically parts ship same day and expedited shipping options are available but at the difference between GROUND and EXPRESS rates.

Any part replaced pursuant to this warranty is only warranted for the unexpired portion of time applying to the original part. All warranty parts become the sole property of YMGI and must be made available for return to YMGI upon request. Warranty replacement parts may be new or refurbished. All parts are tested and approved prior to shipping. At no time will YMGI warrant any labor cost of any kind.

Download Warranty Policy

Exclusions in the Warranty Policy

  1. Any damage caused by frozen or broken water pipes in the event of equipment failure, any damage or injury as a result of a floods, fires, wind, lightning, accidents, corrosive atmosphere or other conditions beyond the control of YMGI.
  2. Any damage as a result from use of components or accessories not specified, supplied or approved by YMGI.
  3. Any performance issues due to improper sizing, improper matching of system components, improper or incorrect installation.
  4. Any damage sustained as a result of inadequate, interrupted electrical service (storm, lightning, improper system shut-off such as turning off the units by disconnecting power to the outdoor unit, instead of turning off the indoor units by using the factory-provided controller).
  5. Any damage or repairs to properties and injuries to persons as an incident or consequence of faulty transportation, installation, operation, maintenance, or service that is not performed by a currently licensed HVAC technician.
  6. Any products sold or installed outside the USA or Canada.
  7. Any refrigerant related materials.
  8. Any labor costs.
  9. Any product defect claims 30 days after the date of delivery of the products/parts. Failure to notify YMGI within 30 days from the date of product/parts delivery voids your product/part defect claiming.

Warranty Claiming Procedure

  1. The installing/service technician will need to contact YMGI technical support from the job site at 1-866-833-3138, ext. 703, so that we can help diagnose and confirm of a complete solution to the problems and determine parts needed to resolve the problems, at our best, though we can not replace your technician's work. Sometimes, technician may not find all the problems or dig out the roots to cause your problem and then the problem will arise sooner or later, even after the part replacement.
  2. YMGI Warranty department will check if your unit warranty is filed properly and qualified for factory warranty coverage.
  3. If warranty coverage was approved, the part(s) will be shipped out via ground shipping service at no charge. Expedited shipping will be at customer's request and cost. Part is as is and bears no warranty.

Download Warranty Claim Form